What is the difference between With a Self-Managed & fully managed server?

With a Self-Managed server, the administration and configuration of the server is down to you. If you do not have server administration experience, we recommend choosing a Fully-Managed server, in which we can help you out with any technical questions, day or night - come and challenge our friendly staff!

Features                                               Self-Manage
FREE cPanel License                                         NO
FREE Softaculous License                                  NO
Error Troubleshooting & Resolution                   NO
Software/Script Installation                              NO
Security Auditing                                              NO
Server Optimization                                         NO

Features                                                  Fully Manage
FREE cPanel License                                         YES
FREE Softaculous License                                  YES
Error Troubleshooting & Resolution                    YES
Software/Script Installation                              YES
Security Auditing                                              YES

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