Our Missed Call Services

The origin of missed call marketing is based on the way people in the Indian subcontinent communicate. Brands have been cashing in on this by customizing the response to a simple missed call. A missed call can be followed by an SMS, another call, or a combination of the two.


  • Unique Mobile Number
  • Live Missed call reporting
  • Personalised Auto response SMS
  • Compound Channel for large volume
  • Email/SMS notification
  • Web-hook API
  • Fully Customizable

Zubrix Technologies Missed Call Service Plan Details

  • First try demo to use zubrix missed call service, select most affordable plan as per your requirement.
  • We will provide you a list of fresh mobile numbers of your circle. Additional cost would be charged for Impressive/Attractive Numbers.
  • For outgoing SMS as a missed call response, you can purchase Transactional SMS packs (@10ps/sms), this would be optional.
  • All plans are available on Yearly Basis only.
  • For Unlimited plan maximum 40L - 45L missed Calls/Year.
  • By default single channel would be provided.



  • Missed Call Free Per Year
  • 10 Digit No (Ex:09984933888)
  • Missed Call No Validity 1 Year
  • Yearly Rs.2950/- Inc. GST


  • Missed Call Free Per Year
  • 10 Digit No (Ex: 09984933888)
  • Missed Calls No Validity 1 Year
  • Yearly Rs.3540/- Inc. GST


  • Missed Call Free Per Year
  • 10 Digit No (Ex: 09984933888)
  • Missed Calls No Validity 1 Year
  • Yearly Rs.4720/- Inc. GST


  • Missed Calls Free Per Year
  • 10 Digit No (Ex: 09984933888)
  • Missed Calls No Validity 1 Year
  • Yearly Rs.7080/- Inc. GST

Web-hook API Parameters:

  • URL Post Status: You can enable or disable url post i.e forwarding of a carbon copy of incoming Missed Call to your url.
  • URL Details: You need to provide your complete url e.g http://yoursite.com/misscallhandler.php
  • When an incoming message for your Channel comes in, it will be forwarded to your URL as per following details (with the real values) – http://yoursite.com/misscallhandler.php?Caller=919898123456&Channel=ChannelId&Circle=Gujarat&Operator=Airtel&CallTime=2012-02-01 16:52:57.243;
  • The variables we send to you on the query string are:
    Caller – phone number of the incoming sms
    Channel – Toll free number
    Circle - Circle of incoming missed call number
    Operator - Operator of incoming missed call number
    CallTime - Caller Called DateTime
  • Dynamic Response: You can enable or disable dynamic response as per your requirement. Once we post query string to your url, our server will wait for the response in case dynamic response is enabled. Remember, dynamic response should be quick enough from your server otherwise a time out error may occur.
  • Make sure there is no HTML is coming in your response.
  • All missed calls received on your number can be forwarded to your URL via GET method with parameters as mentioned above.
  • You can save received missed calls data on allocated numbers into database to practice consequently.

Zubrix Missed call services Uses:-

  • Give Missed Call for Mobile verification /Query call/subscription verification call/ Call to subscribe.
  • Give Missed Call to Opt-in/Opt-out clients from your promotion list.
  • Give Missed Call for Coupons delivery/ User registration/Lead generation in your promoting campaign. As a Call back Facility in Contact Forms.
  • Give Missed Call for providing trial of your service to your Leads/Clients/Affiliates/Users.
  • Give Missed Call for Surveys, Campaign, Voting, Polls & Feedback.
  • Information Pulling: Banks use to send Account information/Credit card statement using missed call service.