We are digital marketing company committed to providing solutions to its client’s such as Advertisement, Promotion, Branding, Lead generation, Unique billing, IMS, ERP, CRM software provider. We also take care of any business’s IT requirements, like website development and mobile application development. We believe in providing a sustainable backbone to the business. We take a personalized approach to its client’s requirements of website designing & development, logo designing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), E-Commerce website, CMS and Google Promotion etc.

Our software is designed in such a way, where it has multiple features and benefits, which have been presented for usage in a very easy way. We believe in building a long-term relationship with our associates. We take this opportunity forward & pleased to associate with your esteemed corporate for the Advertisement, Promotion, Branding, Lead generation, billing, inventory management and CRM, SMS Marketing, Email Marketing, Social media marketing.
We work for sustainable, one place resolution; solutions that reduce business issues and builds a good one-stop solution for marketing requirements for the business. We also, believe in simplicity and focus on the business’s requirement first. Second is the end user concern.

Our History

The Zubrix Technologies was established in 2018 in India as a unit within the Executive Lucknow.The Director heads the Zubrix with assistance from two Research team and Implementation team. Its headoffice in Lucknow is composed of four Divisions: Planning, Observation, Applied Quality, Telecommunications and Marketing; four Offices: the Production, Personnel, Accounting, Industry Service Ethics; and a Research and Development Center.

In addition to the above units, there are some independently-operated services affiliated with the headoffice: the Re-engineering Center, the Reverse engineering Center, the Technological Information Center, the Production pipline Center. Our dedicated team had make the first 100 clients after establishment with in 3 months.

Our Vision

Lets walk and talk and discuss the hidden emojies.We aspire to help our clients meet their goals via our people, technology, services and solutions

Our Mission

To provide solutions to every business with technologies.so that we make every customer in any area smile. To emerge as a specialized company delivering creative design and services to customers, powered by innovative minds, we strive to deliver customer delight.

Our Approach

We have an innovative approach to design and development. Our services are fast, flexible and affordable.Our experts work closely with your team to deeply understand your ideas and needs, and develop collaborative wireframes and appealing designs.

Our approach to app development is unique as well. Once the app is developed, thorough testing is done to make sure that the app is user friendly, free of bugs and glitches, and works across mobile platforms.After testing the app against rigorous parameters, it is published on app stores such as Google Play and iTunes.

Our Experience

Our team of designers and developers are experienced in the industry, and are skilled, working with cutting-edge app development frameworks like Angular JS, Appcelerator, PhoneGap, etc. They have successfully developed and delivered designs and apps for several websites, iOS, Android, and Connected TV platforms. Our apps have been downloaded many, many times. You may have also used apps developed by us at some point.

Our Flexibility

We are flexible in the services we offer, the technologies we use, the timeline and costing. We mould our solutions to meet the needs of clients such as features they need on the site or app, technologies suitable to that need, the time in which they want delivery and budget.

Our Unique Abilities

Our unique abilities include an agile process of mobile app development, and are designed to mitigate risks, stay within budget, avoid unnecessary delays, create transparency and be in sync with latest developments in the market. We believe in early collaboration with the client, planning and research, and help the client from the beginning to completion, creating a product that is customized to the client needs. We create designs, interfaces and functionalities that help the client stand out.

Our Great Support

Our association with the client does not end with the product. We support and maintain the product after that as well. Our team is always there to help resolve technical issues at any point after the product hand over.

Our Technology

Our designers understand the basic principles of design such as branding, colour, and typography which are all important in the design process, HTML and CSS, and the skills needed to design and build awesome websites.

Our app development team combines technical knowledge with industry best practices to create unique solutions. Maintainability and scalability are our focus.